General Electric Pension Summary is going paperless…

You can access your Pension Pay Summary online at Beginning this quarter, you will no longer receive a mailed paper statement.

Online pay summaries are secure, easy to access, environmentally friendly, and help you cut clutter. This printable online summary is identical to the mailed summary, and at least three years of pay summaries are available on line in one convenient location.

For more information , contact the GE Pension Benefits Inquiry Center a 1-800-432-3450.

2 Responses to “General Electric Pension Summary is going paperless…”

  1. Hi Josephine, your GE retirement should be a direct deposit to your personal banking account now. If not you should direct that you have a direct deposit to your account. You may review your GE account by connecting with the site “” and follow the enrollment directions. You will be required to register as a user by giving your SS number and requesting a PIN from GE to be used to access your account. The GE site is a secure site and is protected to avoid loss of information through theft or other hacking techniques.. We will be happy to help you if you should need further help. Thanks for using our Crescent site which is available to all retired employees and spouses. Dick Weathers

  2. Please refer to the site for further information.. note my previous e-mail to your attention on this question.. Thanks, Dick Weathers

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